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Drilling Waste Management
source:admin time:2021-10-11
Processing description as follows:
Rig over mud through overhead pipes sinks into solid control unit (shaker, mud cleaner), after shale shaker and mud cleaner processing, drilling fluids transported through the screw conveyor to drying shaker processing, after trearment fluids through screw conveyor to vertical cutting dryer drying, processed solid waste excluded. After Drying shaker and vertical cutting dryer processing, treated fluids flow into mud tank compartments, by centrifuge supply pump or mono pump delivery to high speed centrifuge to separate the small particles, treated solid excluded, after processing, fluids flow to mixing tank, for recycling, After drying shaker, dryers, and high-speed centrifuge treated water content is waste solid is very low, can be ideal raw material for bricks and road, so as to achieve the mud does not fall to the ground.

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